complete information about scuba diving, hotel and resorts, restaurants, travel agencies, 
and other establishments in Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro, the Philippines.
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A new concept in travel guides, Big Spot Publishing debuts the Puerto Galera Book of Facts on November 1, 2001.
Comprised of useful local information, the best available maps, and a discount/complimentary coupon section, the Puerto Galera Book of Facts is an invaluable aid in enjoying your stay in this beautiful place.
Available at the Dalcan Internet Cafe in the Waiting Hall of the Batangas Pier Terminal and at all participating businesses in Puerto Galera, the Puerto Galera Book of Facts is a bargain itself at only P250. The maps alone justify this investment and, added to the redemption value of the coupons, your choice is both logical and wise.
Enjoy discounts at restaurants, resorts, dive shops, clothing stores and there are even coupons for a dentist and a real estate lawyer in the event your interests take such a direction. The coupon section is organized into eight classifications: Accommodation, Dining, Services, Events, Rentals, Diving, Shopping, and Provisions. Use just one or two coupons and you can recover the cost of the Puerto Galera Book of Facts. Yacht charters, paintball, cockfights, discos Eget informed with meaningful information. No advertising, just what's happening and how to get there.
Intelligent, useful, accurate, & cheap. Pocket-sized and easy to use. Getting the FACTS has never been so easy.