6 Best Single-Story House Plans – Benzinga Living (2024)

Sometimes it is more convenient to have your entire house spread out horizontally. Going up and down the stairs can be tiring for some, while others simply prefer to access every room of their home accessible on the same level.

These properties have a lot of living space and most of them can only fit on large lots. If you found the perfect spot and you want to build the home of your dreams there, take a look at the 6 best single-story house plans that are currently selling.

6 Best Single-Story House Plans

The best single-story house plan is 41436 because it works for most families. However, let’s take a look at the category winners.

  • Best for your average family: 41436
  • Best on a budget: 40677
  • Best luxury: 41418

1. 43939

6 Best Single-Story House Plans – Benzinga Living (1)


Total Living Area1,679 sq ft
Unfinished Basem*nt1,720 sq ft
Full Baths2
House Width52’
House Depth65’

The first option on our list is a modern single-story house plan that is ideal for a sloped lot. It has a total living space of 1,679 square feet and it’s all spread out on a single level. Underneath, a large unfinished basem*nt needs just a bit of remodeling to accommodate extra living or storage spaces. The master suite measures 17’3″x13′ and it comes with a closet and bathroom included.

On the other side of the house, the second bedroom features a similar layout although its bathroom is smaller. The kitchen, great room and dining area are combined in an open floor concept that increases the interior space for your comfort. Gardeners will make good use of the rear covered deck, which measures 48’x15′.


  • Large unfinished basem*nt included
  • Great room has a sloped ceiling
  • Fits perfectly on a sloped lot


  • No shower in the second bathroom
  • No garage for a house of this size

2. 41436

6 Best Single-Story House Plans – Benzinga Living (2)


Total Living Area2,230 sq ft
Bonus Area414 sq ft
Garage2 bays
House Width81’2”
House Depth66’6”
Full Baths2
Half Baths1

With a total living area of 2,230 square feet, this single-story country home is ready to accommodate your family. While you can enjoy the comfort in this oversized property, there is plenty of space to keep your belongings in the large 2-car garage that also has an additional storage area attached to its side. Even though this is a single-story property, an upstairs bonus room can be installed for an additional price.

You will find the master bedroom adjacent to the laundry room. It holds a washer, and a dryer and it even has a counter for folding clothes. The other two bedrooms share an individual bathroom with a double sink arrangement. We love the large fireplace located in the great room, which is the centerpiece of this house.


  • Bonus room can be included for an additional price
  • Gas fireplace in the great room
  • Can accommodate a large family


  • Closets can only be accessed from the main bathroom
  • Outdoor fireplace will be difficult to maintain

3. 41849

6 Best Single-Story House Plans – Benzinga Living (3)


Total Living Area2,039 sq ft
Bonus Area629 sq ft
Garage Area2,123 sq ft
Garage3 bays
House Width86’
House Depth70’
Full Baths2

A stylish choice for country living, this barndominium plan has a total heated area of 2,039 square feet. The incorporated garage is large enough to set up a shop or hold industrial vehicles. Some customers who chose this plan can even park their RV in the third bay, as there is a taller, separate garage door. Inside, two bedrooms share the same size while the master suite is slightly larger.

Because this is a country home, the kitchen is designed with practicability in mind. It has an island, pantry, cabinets and plenty of storage space for crops and canned goods. Outside, the porch wraps around the house but it doesn’t extend more than 10 feet.


  • Garage is big enough to hold large vehicles
  • Bonus room on the optional second floor
  • Kitchen is suited for country living


  • Living space is smaller than the garage area
  • Exterior porch only extends 10 feet

4. 40677

6 Best Single-Story House Plans – Benzinga Living (4)


Total Living Area1,380 sq ft
Garage Area400 sq ft
Garage2 bays
House Width49’2”
House Depth47’
Full Baths2

Houses built on a single level are usually cheaper to build and maintain, making them an ideal choice for those with a restricted budget. The most affordable option on our list has 1,380 square feet of living space, which is enough to accommodate a small family. The covered porch in the front of the house can hold your favorite welcoming flowers, inviting guests to step into the open area that holds the kitchen, living and dining room.

Two bedrooms similar in size are separated by a shared bathroom which is equipped with a bathtub. The master suite has a walk-in closet with plenty of storage space, and the utility room opens to the 20’x20′ garage. The master bathroom has a two-sink format which is suitable for couples.


  • Garage included even if the house is relatively small
  • The utility room has a washer, dryer, and pantry
  • Cheap house plan that has a lot of value


  • Small exterior covered porch
  • Lack of foyer and mudroom

5. 41413

6 Best Single-Story House Plans – Benzinga Living (5)


Total Living Area2,290 sq ft
Bonus Area339 sq ft
Garage2 bays
Full Baths2
Half Baths1

Take a look at this traditional house plan that has 2,290 square feet of living space on one level. Here you will find three bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms. For an extra price, you can choose to have a bonus room added above the garage. It measures 13’6″x18’6″ which makes it ideal for a fourth bedroom. The master suite has a vaulted ceiling and a huge walk-in closet with a center stand.

Those who spend a lot of time in the kitchen have a massive pantry with barn doors, a center island and a seating coffee bar. Families who own more than one vehicle have two bays in the car garage, which measures 25’6″x24′. At the back of the house, a rear porch with an outdoor kitchen is the perfect place to hold parties and private events.


  • Master closet has a center stand
  • Rear porch is extended
  • Gun safe included in the layout


  • The 17′ vaulted ceiling might be too high for some people
  • Electrical layout is sold separately

6. 41418

6 Best Single-Story House Plans – Benzinga Living (6)


Total Living Area2,400 sq ft
Garage Area930 sq ft
Garage3 bays
Full Baths3
Half Baths1

Although the price for this house plan is quite expensive, it comes with a lot of features included. With a total living area of 2,400 square feet, it is the most spacious option on our list. As you step into the house you first reach the foyer which opens to the dining room on the left side. The great room has a vaulted ceiling and holds a large fireplace on its side. Three bedrooms almost similar in size share one part of the house along with two bathrooms.

On the other side, the main bedroom, laundry and master bathroom can be found. With a 4’8″x6’10” pantry and a 5’6″x14′ closet, you will never run out of storage space. The mud room opens to the 3-car garage and the half bath on its right side. Overall, we love this house plan because it efficiently combines comfort with functional space.


  • Oversized rear porch with an outdoor fireplace
  • The office can be used as a 5th sleeping space
  • Vaulted ceiling in the great room


  • Bathrooms are quite small
  • The plan is not suitable for limited budgets

Factors To Consider

These house designs are complex and difficult to understand by someone who is not prepared. Before you make a final decision, get familiar with measurements, terminologies and different house styles. Because you are interested in single-story homes, you won’t have to worry about the layout. Consider the following factors as they will help you make a better decision.

Ceiling Height

Decide on the ceiling height for different areas of your house. Great rooms often have a high and vaulted ceiling that creates a sense of spaciousness. To increase efficiency and reduce heating space, bedrooms come with a lower ceiling. Take note of this measurement in the layout you wish to purchase.

Outdoor Spaces

If you often spend a lot of time outside, an external porch is a must-have. All house plans featured on our list come with a patio or deck included. While some of them are large enough to host parties and set up a grill, others extend just enough for you to place some decorations.


Because your house is built on a single level, you won’t have to worry about stairs. These plans are ideal for older people or those with mobility issues. Keep in mind that single story houses take a lot of horizontal space and they might not fit on smaller lots.

Why You Should Trust Us

Researching and comparing all the house plans available is a time-consuming task that will leave you overwhelmed. Leave the most difficult task to us and avoid information overload by taking a look at the six best single-story house plans we could find. We’ve done countless comparisons and analyses of the most promising layouts before we came up with these winners.

How Much Do These Designs Cost?

These house plans will cost you between $900 to $1,290. Usually, the cost is influenced by features and the total living space. Large home layouts with multiple bedrooms and multipurpose areas are more expensive than small house plans that have just a few rooms included.

6 Best Single-Story House Plans – Benzinga Living (2024)
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