Cypress's new brand: "Embedded In Tomorrow" (2024)

Cypress's new brand: "Embedded In Tomorrow" (1)

Hassane El-Khoury

Cypress Director, President and Chief Executive Officer

Cypress 3.0

Cypress's new brand: "Embedded In Tomorrow" (2)

Corporate brands not only showcase their style to the world, but also promise to customers, shareholders and employees.

If you are concerned about Cypress, you may have noticed our brand new logo and slogan, Embedded In Tomorrow. This is the first major change in brand identity since our company was established 35 years ago. Through this rebranding, the Cypress 3.0 vision and strategy are further expressed – aiming to grow faster than the general semiconductor business market and to provide system-level solutions, microcontroller combinations, and wireless for our customers. And wired connectivity solutions, analog and memory products.

Cypress's new brand: "Embedded In Tomorrow" (3)

We Live for Problems

Cypress's new brand: "Embedded In Tomorrow" (4)

In March of this year, Cypress launched our new branding campaign at the world's largest electronic engineer event, Embedded World: "We Live for Problems" (we are born to solve problems). This event reflects Cypress's commitment to transform today's problems into tomorrow's innovative spirit. Let us briefly review Cypress's performance at this exhibition.

At this year's Embedded World, Cypress's ads have extended from the train station to our booth. Even if you are not attending this show, you may have noticed our brand information from our online advertising, websites, and even the huge Thomson Reuters electronic billboards in New York Times Square (below).

Cypress's new brand: "Embedded In Tomorrow" (5)

Cypress's new brand: "Embedded In Tomorrow" (6)

Cypress exhibits at Embedded World (above) and boarded the Thomson Reuters electronic billboard in Times Square, New York (below)

You can imagine the feedback we received when we first deployed this marketing campaign internally. Whether in schools, training or seminars, we have received a lot of "guidance", such as: Never mention "problems" in marketing communications, slogans should try to avoid using red and so on. Finally, I decided to break some traditions and use the best way to interpret as a company, "Who are we." After all, this is a good starting point for the brand.

Cypress is essentially an engineering design firm that helps customers build the world's most innovative automotive, industrial and consumer end products.


Cypress's new brand: "Embedded In Tomorrow" (7)

Customers usually contact us when they have problems (rather than when everything is going well). In the face of customer problems, we will go all out and focus on innovation to solve problems. At the same time, we are constantly striving to find new ideas to solve important problems and form corresponding solutions to help customers shorten the development cycle.

Since solving problems is part of our daily work, then we don't have to follow the advice of "do not talk about problems." After reviewing the implementation plan, I decided to launch the promotion and told our employees that they should be proud of this and let them know that it is not inappropriate to use the red slogan as long as they wish. In this short film, they expressed their beliefs in action.

At the same time as the “We Live for Problems” event, we launched a new PSoC® 6 MCU based on our flexible 40-nm MCU platform using Embedded World's exhibition platform to help solve the following problems:

How to reduce power consumption or improve security.

How to create a flexible architecture to adapt to changing industry protocols and standards.

How to develop easy-to-use and powerful software that enables all parts of the solution to work together seamlessly.

Brand Promise

Cypress's new brand: "Embedded In Tomorrow" (8)

I often tell our employees that there is a corresponding solution for every problem of the customer. In this way, Cypress can win the hearts of customers and make us a must-have helper to solve problems.

Only by doing this can we fully realize our brand promise.

Embedded In Tomorrow is not a temporary slogan, but rather clarifies how Cypress operates, providing guidance for our portfolio decisions and our principles for integrating various business strategies.

The following words can be used to describe our brand.

Fearless : Reflecting our attitude towards serving our customers and solving problems.

Forward-looking : Demonstrate how we anticipate customer needs.

Reliable : It means that our products must be insulted.

Fast : refers to our product delivery, response speed and speed to market.

At the heart of all this is Cypress's brand promise to its customers, shareholders and employees. Cypress will create solutions that can sense, connect, learn, respond, and make life easier. We are committed to saving you time and effort for your busy family, work, and on the road. Provide a better user experience.

We are excited about the brand new logo and the transformation of Cypress 3.0. Click below to read the original text and you can learn more in this video.

It's a little different from your supposed Cypress promotional video and is worth a look. Please enjoy!

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Cypress's new brand: "Embedded In Tomorrow" (2024)
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