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If you're as enchanted by the cottagecore aesthetic as I am, then you're in for a treat today! In this blog post, I'm excited to share 14 adorable Minecraft cottagecore house ideas. Whether you're looking for inspiration to upgrade your existing space or planning to build a new dreamy, fairy-tale-like cottage from scratch, you've come to the right place! So, let's go over my top cottagecore picks that perfectly blend simplicity, coziness, and charm into these Minecraft homes.

14 Aesthetic Minecraft Cottagecore House Ideas That’ll Inspire You — ByPixelbot (1)

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What is a Minecraft Cottagecore House?

A Minecraft cottagecore house is all about embracing the charm and simplicity of countryside living! Just imagine thatched roofs, wooden exteriors, and the cutest gardens filled with flowers and crops.

Features of a Cottagecore House in Minecraft

The core features of a Minecraft cottagecore house typically has the following:

Exterior Features:

  • Rustic vibe with wooden and brick finishes

  • Thatched roofing and lovely stone accents

  • Adorable wooden shutters and flower boxes on the windows

Interior Features:

  • Simple and cozy design

  • Wooden flooring and warm fireplaces

  • Minimalist furniture for comfort

  • Cleverly hidden storage spaces for tidiness

Surrounding Area Features:

  • Abundant greenery and beautiful gardens

  • Tranquil pond for relaxation

  • Farm animals like chickens, cows, and sheep

14 Aesthetic Minecraft Cottagecore House Ideas

1. The Perfect Cozy Cottage

Source: The Perfect Cozy Cottage by Pixelbot

Want to know how to create the coziest cottage in Minecraft? Check out this awesome tutorial on building the most perfect little 5x5 house. It's got everything you need - a comfy bed, two furnaces, a crafting table, plenty of storage, an armor stand, a cute front porch, and even a small wheat farm. Plus, if you're feeling creative, you can easily customize the materials to make it your own.

2. Aesthetic Cottagecore House

Source: Aesthetic Cottagecore House Tutorial by Croissant Cat

This tutorial by Croissant Cat shows you how to build a magical aesthetic cottagecore house in Minecraft using Mizuno's 16 Craft Resource Pack.

3. Cottagecore Cherry Blossom House

Are you ready to create a magical, dreamy cottagecore house in Minecraft? If so, this tutorial by Polar Cat is for you! You'll learn how to build a stunning cherry blossom house using simple techniques and materials.

4. The Aesthetic Cozy Cottage

14 Aesthetic Minecraft Cottagecore House Ideas That’ll Inspire You — ByPixelbot (2)

Source: The Aesthetic Cozy Cottage by Pixelbot

Learn how to build the coziest aesthetic cottage that is quaint, cute, and perfect for survival. This survival starter house comes decorated with pumpkins and cake and is equipped with a bed, smoker, blast furnace, crafting table, dining table, and armor stand. This would make the perfect house for your survival world!

5. Cottagecore Moss House

Source: Cottagecore Moss House by Jax and Wild

Learn how to create a charming and cozy Minecraft moss cottage in this easy tutorial by Jax and Wild. This moss-covered house comes complete with a lovely gabled roofline and a tower. It's the perfect addition to a hobbit village or any Minecraft survival or creative world. And to really set the mood, you can surround your building with flower gardens, lots of lanterns, and a lush dark oak forest for that truly magical atmosphere.

6. Small Fantasy Cottage

Source: Small Fantasy Cottage by KoalaBuilds

Do you want to create a cozy Minecraft cottagecore house without spending hours on construction? Look no further! In this easy, step-by-step tutorial, KoalaBuilds shows you how to put together a small fantasy cottage in survival mode. Perfect for beginners!

7. Cottagecore Mushroom House

14 Aesthetic Minecraft Cottagecore House Ideas That’ll Inspire You — ByPixelbot (3)

Source: Cottagecore Mushroom House by Pixelbot

Discover the art of crafting a charming Minecraft cottagecore mushroom house with that whimsical fairycore vibe! This delightful survival abode is complete with all the essentials: a cozy bed, a handy crafting table, a trusty furnace, and ample storage space.

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8. Fairytale Cottage House

Source: Fairytale Cottage Tutorial by BigTonyMC

Welcome to the fairy tale cottage of your dreams! Learn how to build an enchanting, cottagecore house in Minecraft by BigTonyMC. This tutorial will guide you step by step and show you exactly how to make a beautiful, rustic Minecraft cottage house.

9. Cottagecore Fantasy Tower Build

Source: Cottagecore Fantasy Tower Build by Jax and Wild

Take a walk through this Minecraft cottagecore tower house and get inspired by this amazing tutorial from Jax and Wild! This house has an aesthetic appeal, featuring a stunning gabled roofline and two charming turrets/towers. Inside, it offers plenty of space and can be customized for those looking for a medieval or fairy theme.

10. Simple Aesthetic Cottagecore House

14 Aesthetic Minecraft Cottagecore House Ideas That’ll Inspire You — ByPixelbot (4)

Source: Simple Aesthetic Cottagecore House by Pixelbot

Want to learn how to create a stunningly aesthetic Minecraft house with a charming cottagecore vibe? This step-by-step guide has got you covered! This tutorial walks you through crafting a compact yet functional starter house, complete with ample storage, a cozy bed, crafting essentials, and even a carrot farm.

11. Cottagecore House with Greenhouse

Source: Cottagecore House with Greenhouse by PlatinumThief

Want to learn how to build a super dreamy cottagecore house with a cozy greenhouse in Minecraft? In this tutorial, PlatinumThief walks you through all the steps to create a beautiful and inviting cottagecore home. It comes with working windows, doors, fireplaces, and even a cute little greenhouse.

12. Aesthetic Hobbit House

Source: Aesthetic Hobbit House by Croissant Cat

Learn how to create the cutest hobbit house in Minecraft using Mizuno's 16 Craft Resource Pack! It's the perfect way to give your build a quaint and aesthetic touch.

13. Cottagecore Fishing Dock and Fairytale Hut Cottage

Source: Aesthetic Minecraft Fishing Dock Tutorial by Kelpie The Fox

Here is a super charming tutorial on creating a fishing dock and cottage! It comes with a combination of wood, campfires, and beautiful flowers. It even has smokers for cooking your freshly caught fish!

14. Cottagecore Brick House

Source: How to Build a Cottagecore Brick House by PlatinumThief

Welcome to this cozy and compact cottagecore brick house in Minecraft! This gorgeous wooden and brick house is perfect for creating a serene and peaceful environment. It's complete with an oak roof, exterior walls, windows, and much more.

Your Questions Answered

How do you build a cottage in Minecraft?
If you're considering building a cottage in Minecraft, there are a few steps to follow. Here are some general guidelines:

  • Choose a location:Find a location for your cottage. It could be in a forest, near water, or on a hill.

  • Lay the foundation:Start by laying the foundation of your cottage using blocks of your choice. You can start off by using wood logs or cobblestones.

  • Build the walls:Once the foundation is laid, build the cottage's walls. Try using different contrasting materials to differentiate it from the foundation.

  • Add the roof:After the walls are up, add the roof. The type of roof can vary. Some people prefer a flat roof, while others prefer a sloped or pointed one.

  • Interior Design:Add doors and windows to your cottage. Inside, you can create different rooms like a bedroom, kitchen, and living area. You can also add furniture like beds, tables, and chairs.

  • Exterior Design:Add an outdoor area with a garden, a water wheel, or a small farm.

  • Finishing Touches:Add finishing touches like torches for lighting, paintings for decoration, and chests for storage.

Feel free to make your Minecraft cottage as simple or as elaborate as you want! If you're looking for more step-by-step instructions based on the type of cottage you want to build, check out my Minecraft house tutorials here.

What are easy houses to build in Minecraft?
When building a house in Minecraft, you may want to start off with a simple layout. So, here are a few recommendations for easy house builds that are perfect for beginners:

  • Minecraft: How to Build the Perfect Cozy Cottage to Survive on Day 1

  • Minecraft: How to Build an Oak Starter House

  • How to Build a Basic Oak Starter House in Minecraft

What should a good Minecraft house have?
When building a survival Minecraft starter house, there are a few must-haves to make sure everything runs smoothly and you survive. So, here are some essential must-haves that any good Minecraft house should definitely have:

  1. Bed:A must-have for resetting your spawn point

  2. Storage room:A dedicated space for chests to store your collected items

  3. Entrance from outside:A main room with an entrance from the outside

  4. Disposal unit:This is for getting rid of unwanted junk

  5. Enchanting Room:A space for an enchanting table and bookshelves

  6. Furnace Room:A specific place to smelt ores and cook food

  7. Access to caves:When expanding, adding entries to caves can be helpful for mining

Final Thoughts

Whether you fancy a cozy brick house in the woods or a charming moss-covered cottage, each Minecraft house captures the serene vibes of cottagecore aesthetics. Feel free to personalize these designs to your taste, adding elements that resonate with you.

What was your favorite cottagecore house idea on this list? Leave a comment below and share! I’d love to hear from you.

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14 Aesthetic Minecraft Cottagecore House Ideas That’ll Inspire You — ByPixelbot (5)

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14 Aesthetic Minecraft Cottagecore House Ideas That’ll Inspire You — ByPixelbot (2024)
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