9 of the Coziest Cottagecore Inspired Homes We’ve Ever Stepped Inside (2024)

If you haven’t noticed already,Cottagecoreis proving to be2021’s most popular interior trend.A shift away from the sparseScandinavian minimalist trend, Cottagecore offers a warm, inviting, romantic and cosy aesthetic that mixes DIY, vintage and a desire to bring the outdoors in.

It’s a form of escapism and refers to a fantasy world far removed from the chaos of the world, which is exactly what we’re all in need of right now — a cottage getaway to help unwind and recharge from the world.

But if you're looking to implement this trend into your interiors, where do you even start looking for inspiration?

As part of our home tour series The Makers, we've been fortunate enough to step inside the homes of innovators, artisans and crafters who live in the most incredible homes inspired by the Cottagecore aesthetic — and we've rounded them all up here.

Discover more ofourmost beautiful homes in our series, The Makers.

9Cosy Cottagecore Inspired Homes

1. Lynda Gardener's Luxury Barn

Located in Daylesford, Victoria, renowned interior designer, stylist, boutique hotelier and now author,Lynda Gardener, has turned a little "slice of land" — an old driveway, in fact — into a dreamy space. Dubbed 'The Barn', this luxury holiday accommodation is perfect for a couple or a single person looking to lounge around, laze about and generally just relax. With no doors – except for those leading to the pod bathroom – the space is designed to be open and inviting, with plenty of light and airflow to promote relaxation.

Head here for a full tour inside.

2. Amanda Callan's Restored Old Church

Founder ofChurch Farm General Store, Amanda Callan, restored an old church in the small town ofBillinudgel in northern New South Wales into a home for her family. Whileit's far from being apetite cottage, it still carries all the qualities of a cosy nook — furniture sourced from second hand stores or Gumtree, wooden finishes and vases of garden flowers are just some examples. It's obviouswhy this is one of our most popular home tours to date.

Head here for a full tour inside.

3. Courtney Adamo's 120-Year-Old House

Lifestyle blogger Courtney Adamo had a vision in mind when she fell in love with this home that was built more than 120 years ago — she wanted to create a home that was bright and light, but still cosy and inviting. A clean and minimal space, yet full of character.

“When I walked in the house, I felt immediately at home. It sounds so cliche, but it’s true," she told Bed Threads Journal. "Having lived in London for 12 years, always in old, Victorian homes, I felt right at home in this old house with its creaky floors and old windows, tall ceilings, and rickety old doorknobs. I felt like I was being hugged.”

Some pretty serious renovations were in order: the Adamos remodelled the house, moving the kitchen to the rear of the home so that it would overlook the garden and added a laundry room, second bathroom and one final bedroom. But it's the decorations that really make her home Cottagecore-esque.We honestly can't choose which room is our favourite.

Head here for a full tour inside.

4. Marnie Hawson's Rustic Farmhouse

The white picket fencesof photographer Marnie Hawson's Macedon Ranges abode is just a taste of what's inside.

Open the front door and you're graced with vintage and second-hand treasures that adorn walls, cabinets and shelves. A French provincial style kitchen boasts concrete countertops, antique brass fixtures and linen café curtains, whilst a palette of charcoal and white sets an earthy tone throughout the space.

Head here for a full tour inside.

5. Geneva Vanderzeil's 150-Year-Old Worker's Cottage

In 2018, author and DIY-influencer Geneva Vanderzeil, and her partner purchased a workers cottage in Brisbane with the goal of renovating it to their tastes. The major remodel, which involved lifting the house, adding a second floor and extending the building, took almost a year. Since that task was completed in 2019, Vanderzeil has gone about designing and decorating the space in the only way she knows how: through crafting, DIY projects and upcycling preloved pieces. The antiquefurniture, potted house plants and white panelled wallscreate a space that's beautiful and comfortable.

Head here for a full tour inside.

6. Jemima Aldridge's Rustic Country Cottage

'Repose' means rest, relaxation and slowing down, which is exactly what’s on offer atThe Repose. Thislovingly restored historic cottage in the heart of Dubbo in western New South Wales is owned and run by Jemima and Bede Aldridge —the couple behind leather goods businessSaddler & Co— and their friends Ric and Moir Jones.

Jemima describes her design vision for the cottage as calm, a palette of white, fog and oatmeal to help travellers relax in style.Her favourite room to design was the bathroom, which features a spectacular clawfoot tubwe're obsessed with.

Head here for a full tour inside.

7. Mikarla Bauer'sCharming Nook

Florist and founder ofWilderness FlowersMikarla Bauer's Bangalow home in the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales is thoughtfully designed and understatedly elegant. Muted tones of soft pink and beige flow through the space, whilst blooms burst from an enviable collection of ceramic vessels in every room.

From the charming mustard breakfast nook—her favourite spot in the house—to the wood beam ceilings and vintage oatmeal armchairs, this Byron abode pays homage to a modernised Australian Cottaegcore style.

Head here for a full tour inside.

8. Leah Fraser's Warming Home

Artist Leah Fraser was able to turn a blank canvas home into a unique and art-filled one.The walls and bookshelves are piled high with keepsakes, records and paperbacks. A white backdrop – floorboards, walls and shelving is all monochromatic – serves as a base for more glamorous interior design elements to pop. For example, the ceramicpendant light in the kitchen, the vintage chair in the bedroom, the luxuriously emerald green velvet sofa from Jardan in the living room and a huge standalone bathtub in the bathroom. And let's not forget about theoutdoors that arefilled with greenery and life.

Head here for the full tour inside.

9. Zoe Young's Rustic Bowral Cottage

Tucked away in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales is the airy, light-filled cottage that artistZoe Youngcalls home.

Everything in the cottage is curated according to Young's interior design creed of simplicity, efficiency and light. This is especially evident in her bedroom, where the high ceilings, huge window and white panelled walls are given the chance to shine with minimal styling.

Butit's not just the interiors that execute the essence of Cottagecore — Young's gardens alsotransport you to a magicalfield.

"My husband Reg is a horticulturalist, so he did the Edna Walling-inspired garden of nooks and a kitchen garden."

Head here for the full tour inside.

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Discover more ofourmost beautiful homes in our series, The Makers.

9 of the Coziest Cottagecore Inspired Homes We’ve Ever Stepped Inside (2024)
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